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Friday, August 28, 2009

things that are killing them

as we search trough a few websites we often go when we need any information about orangutans, you can increase your knowledge too through the websites we have showed under the 'our inspirations and library' column. we wanted to actually let you know, over and over and over again about what is the actual reason the orangutans in the wild are going on extinction.

because they say its an effective way to remember if you always hear it repeatedly :)

this is caused mainly by human activities like

-intense permitted logging
-illegal logging
-forest conversions to palm oil plantations
-natural phenomena (large scale fires! )
-illegal animal trade

yes because us humans just love doing the activities above, orangutans are losing their home.

slow steps to reduce the actions stated above

1. illegal logging must be stopped. licence must be given and controlled to a certain amount. enough said.

2. Forest conversions to palm oil trees
palm oil trees are produced from tearing down the rain forest . The burning of the rain forest will cause smoke to linger and therefore produces global warming that makes almost everyone suffers. palm oil isn't the only solution, in this website , http://redapes.org/forest-school-101/ , a little girl has already started her campaign of asking companies using palm oil to stop because it threatens the orangutan species. you can visit it, and read more about her. It also said there that we could stop turning rain forest into palm oil trees and use a product ( according to the website, its american grown oil ) which doesn't harm any party.

3. large fire scales
well, we cant blame nature for it . because even for this, its the humans fault. global warming increases temperature on earth, therefore causing the fire in the first place . the thinning of the ozone layer is caused by us, and when the ozone layer is no longer there, this also helps to starting large fire scales in forest . you see ? you can save so many things by just doing a small thing. the decrease of carbon dioxide usage will help alot. ergo ; public transport, car pool, stop open burning etc . save the environment, save the orangutans ! :D

4. illegal animal trade , and hunting.

the only way to stop this , is to avoid even getting into any of the activities. don't be the buyer, don't be the seller. this will stop if everybody takes part and not be either in the buyer party or even the seller . pity these animals people, they don't deserve to be sold in such a horrible way. illegal trade usually involves animal getting beaten up violently and put in such tiny cages that are only an inch bigger than them. have a heart. DON'T PURCHASE . we are called humans because we have feelings. these people who harm animals don't even deserve the term 'human'.

so, we hope this post have put a tiny spark in you to keep on doing and supporting acts to save the orangutans . even the tiniest things can help, visit all the websites we have linked for you if you are interested in more facts . :)

thank you for visiting our blog.
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Save by watching Mr. Telly

Hey ho orangutan savers!

Bored with saving the orangutans using the internet? :D
We have the solution!
U, yes YOU! Can save orangutans by watching the telly! (yellowluya)

So ;

Just watch ANIMAL PLANET, ( channel 556 ) at 4pm or 10pm this

Friday ( 28/8/2009 ) about orangutan island !!

Its just a button away to know orangutans better with your family so please please please do not miss it! (;

Happy watching!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pictures! :D

Hello orangutan fans!

As promise, in this post, we are going to put all our memories in the form of pictures of our trip to Zoo Melaka. Unfortunately, all our pictures in Zoo Taiping was accidentally deleted by one of our teammates. :( (Forgive her, she is 'buta IT' )

So here there are!

When we arrived at Zoo Melaka, we were greeted by a blue and yellow macaw. FYI ; These intelligent birds can talk and are very socialize. For someone, who can afford them, they bond very closely with their owners. Oya! CHOCOLATES and CHERRIES are poison to these birds. ( wo! )

These are the female orangutans that made our day! The one above is San and the one below is Mawar. San is from Borneo. She was saved by her caretaker Sudin since she was smuggled into our country. While Mawar was born in the zoo, but came from Sumatera.Cute aren't they? :D

San giving some love to Mawar and a great pose for the camera. Credits to Ili for having a beautiful shot ;)

Sofea getting cuddly with Mawar! ( Awww ) :)

Sofea being ecstatic... or terrified. Hahaha. It was all our first time holding an orangutan. So, forgive Sofea for being uncomfortable hugging a very furry and huggable creature. :D

Mawar being caught in the act breaking Sofea's pink shades. Hahaha.

Hello world, my name is San. (:

I am one of a kind because my brother and sister are quickly disappearing.
Help me, would u?

Ili holding hands with Mawar. And Sofea.. Err.. talking to them? :o
(Notice how Ili's hair looks like some hair commercial. :D )

Mawar and San with three of us! :)
( If u zoom the picture, Aliea is actually holding Mawar's foot. Hahaha)

From left to right: Ili Nazira, Mawar, Aliea and Sofea. (:

Sofea and Mawar. ( again :P)
Don't they look like twins? :D

Ili trying to hide omg-its-so-heavy!-face while holding Mawar.
FYI; an average female orangutan weight is 45kg. They can also grow until 4 ft 2 or 127cm !
( CONCLUSION : Ili is strooooong! :D )

Ili and Sofea getting cosy with the orangutans. :P

All of us doing our 'thang'. Giving them loads of love. :D

Aliea being a mommy to Mawar. Awww... How adorable is that? :D

Orangutan heroes with orangutan guardians :) Sudin, San's caretaker is in orange while Abang Amin, the one in red is the caretaker for both of the lovely orangutans.

San giving Sudin a kiss. Mawar and San is very different from each other. Mawar is more comfortable with girls and is more curious on things around her. While San just loves getting boys attention and is very naughty and energetic compared to Mawar who is more lay back.

Hope u enjoy them!

Read, learn, SPREAD! (;

Sunday, August 23, 2009

the journey all packed in one video :)

yes ! our video blog about our journey is finally ready !
okay, so on the 15th of August, 2009, we planned to go to Bukit Merah, and wanted to pass on some fliers to the tourists there, but when we called the management, in order to ask a couple of questions, and even to spread the fliers, they said that we need to tell them a week before with formal letters and stuff.

therefore,we decided to go to Zoo Taiping instead, but on the way, my dad suggested that we visit somewhere near before going to Zoo Taiping just in case if we couldn't make it , we settled on Zoo Melaka first . We wanted to do a guessing game, like post both pictures of Zoo Melaka and Zoo Taiping and ask our readers to guess, and we even wanted to give away fascinating prizes ! that was one of our planned activities, but since we got caught up with school, we cancelled the plan last minute , and just decided to tell you. i don't know why, though, the game would have been fun huh ? :D

its alright, never mind, we find Zoo Melaka awesome by the way ! not to say that Zoo Taiping isn't, but in Zoo Taiping, we were not really allowed to go near them as we got with the orangutans in Zoo Melaka .

-interesting facts about the zoo
- how different zoo(s) treat their animals
-more orangutan facts ! ;)
-what kind of activities both zoo offers
-weird facts about animal care-takers
-many more !

one of our group members will list down all the details in a different post. watch out for that , and please come back to read ;)

in this post, we are going to put up the video, and pictures would be put up in a different post, just to rest the reader's eyes for a few seconds , from a long post like this one. :-s


Thursday, August 20, 2009

brownies for orangutan

yesterday, we had our tiny booth at school and sold brownies to everybody at school.

people kept asking about will this money go to WWF, but, sadly, our extra amount is even hard to divide between us, 4, and we are embarrassed to only donate, RM18, to WWF. -__- but its okay, our ACTUAL AIM, was to spread awareness, let people know more about orang utan and its surroundings, while enjoying a brownie! the brownie, that we sold were RM2 each, and the brownies were put in a plate that each of us designed with short sentences about orangutan that can upgrade people's knowledge about them !

we are glad that the brownies sold like hotcakes, and that people actually read what we were saying and visited our blog. A BIG THANK YOU to all, who participated. because last time we checked, we only had 500++ visits, and now, its 600! we appreciate it , we hope that you guys are equipped on your knowledge about orangutan and start doing acts that can save them :)

here are the pictures taken yesterday ;sofea designing the information plate ;)

the brownies were awesome ! sofea handing them out , and er, our classmate, Ben decided to come back for more! (or maybe just to get in the picture )

again, endless thank you to those who bought these. we hope that the brownies settled in nicely in those hungry tummy .

come back to this blog for more new posts ! :)

-read, learn, SPREAD. :D


Hello orang utans dearies!

So, we did this u-ask-we-answer game among our friends in school. They would ask us questions about orang utans n we would answer it. If we fail to do so, we would face the consequences ; dance like an orang utan in front of class. -.-
Here are their questions :-

1) What is the scientific name for orangutans? - benjamin

Orang utans are also known as pongo abeii and pongo pygmaeus.

2) What is the average weight of an orang utan? - Aishah

A female orang utan ussually weighs 30-50 kg, while a male orang utan weighs 50-90kg.

3) What is the maximum age for an orang utan? - Farah

Estimately, an orang utan can live for 45 years in the wild and 59 years in captivity.

4) What is the birth rate for orang utans? - Fitrah

  • Ussualy, only one young is born at a time. Sometimes, they have twins! (awesome!)
  • Gap between births are 7 to 9 years.
  • In a lifetime, a female orang utan can give birth averagely, 4 times!

5) How long can a female orang utan be 'pregnant'? - Farouq

233-265 days. (In months? Calculate using calculater. :D)

6) Since, they share 97% of our DNA. How old does an orang utan reach puberty? - Shamin ( Good question! )

Female reach puberty when they are 10 years old. But they can only be pregnant when they are 15. While a male orang utan will reach puberty at age 12. But they get their manly features ( big throat pouch, hairy hands and back) for as long as 10 to 20 years. ( Fuyoo! totally different from humans!)

7) What do they eat? - Ili

60% of their diet consist of fruits such as lychees, mangosteens n even durians! The remainder is leaves, insects, mineral-rich soil and tree barks!

8) Where do they live n where can orang utan be found? - Shahinah

Orang utan can be found in tropical, swamp and mountain forest. And their 'hotspots' are Sumatera and Borneo.

9) Can u tell me interesting facts about orang utans young? -Shafiqah

Young orang utan starts to find their own food at the age of 3. But still clings to it's mother untill they are 4. A young orang utan becomes independent at the age of 6 or 7.

10) Why is the orang utan facing extinction? - Aliyah

In the past, orang utan is captured to be a pet or a zoo trade especially, the young which involve the killing of their mother. Orang utan is also facing extinction because of habitat loss due to plantations and logging.

Well, these are some questions our friends threw to us. Unfortunately, most of the questions was super duper hard. So, yes, we dance like orang utan infront of everyone. Hope u learned a lot n entertained! :D

- read, learn, SPREAD

Thank You!

Hello dearies!

As u all know, today we sold chocolate brownies at school. Thank you so very much for making it a knock-out! We hope u got to learn more about orang utans while eating those lil devils!

- read, learn, SPREAD

P/S: Dont worry we wil upload the pictures on our next post!